The flagship media company of The South Asian TimesIndo US Media Inc, and IANS International.

A Long Island-NY based media organization helping brands, advertisers, and small businesses 
to expand its reach to South Asian communities.

The South Asian Times is a New York based print and online publication for the global Indian and South Asian communities.

It provides latest news, stories, features and Op-Ed's reflecting the lifestyle, choices, aspirations and trends of the South Asian communities in USA. The South Asian Times is known for its value-based journalism and quality of content. The print edition is widely circulated and read in the tristate area of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Online edition is read by South Asian diaspora spread across the world

For national brands and advertisers aspiring to expand their customer base in affluent Indo-American communities, The South Asian Times weekly offers a gateway through print and digital medium. 

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A one-stop solution for your marketing and advertising needs, we create customized digital marketing solutions to help you connect with the South Asian population in the US. We understand the subtle cultural differences, which require changing your marketing efforts to be accepted by this target market.

Our marketing solutions enable you to connect with the South Asian population in the US, which now exceeds 3.5 million and is the fastest growing ethnic group in the US. With the highest annual median household income among all US ethnic groups, the combined disposable income of this segment exceeds $90 billion.

We also provide multilingual marketing support for more marketing effectiveness and higher return on your marketing investment. 

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The only newswire service in North America targeting South Asians and other Asian communities, IANS International is often used by media as a one-stop source of all news; both domestic and international.

It is a content source for industry, media circles and government departments as well as for our other SBUs. In short, it is capable of meeting almost all information needs.

Subjects span politics, foreign policy, strategic affairs, corporate affairs, science and health. Energy, technology, environment, arts, literature, entertainment, social trends, religion and sports are also extensively covered.

With publications in more than 65 countries, broadcaster, and websites like Yahoo, MSN, Rediff, TOI, HT, Washington Post, Guardian, etc. are a part of our network.

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